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We have a variety of payment options. You can either pay for each session as you go or if you feel you like the treatment and can afford to pay for a few sessions at once, you can buy a package which lowers, giving a discounted price. Either way, we don't mind - it is completely your choice. We accept cash, cheque and card payments

If you have Private health Insurance, (possibly requiring GP referral), we simply invoice the Insurance Company direct, meaning you don't have to pay and claim back yourself each time. We are covered by most of the major Insurance Companies, including BUPA.

Our Prices are as follows:


Initial Consultation £95
  Chiropractic Treatment Session £45
  Chiropractic Treatment Package
(10 sessions)
  Chiropractic Treatment Package
(5 sessions)


Dr Nina basically saved my life! I've experienced debilitating pelvic pain, at 35 weeks in my pregnancy, I pulled something in my pelvis and had to stay in bed, and could not move or walk. I had never been to a chiropractor before but after doing some research decided to try, and I was willing to do anything to be functional again. After looking at me for 2 minutes, Dr. Nina was able to tell me exactly what is wrong with my pelvis (this is after professional physio therapist not understanding/dismissing/telling me to suck up the pain), and I walked out feeling a million times better! She is seriously a miracle worker and a pleasure to work with.


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