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Sleep - The best position for a good night’s sleep

Sleep - The best position for a good night’s sleep

Do you sleep well? Different factors such as pillow, mattress, sleeping position and room temperature all have an effect on the quality of sleep you get. In the first of a series of articles on sleep, we are going to look at sleep position.


Side is best...

Sleeping on your side is best to ensure you rest more comfortably and makes it less likely your sleep will be interrupted. While there are many variations of sleeping on your side, all of which are beneficial in helping to alleviate insomnia and chronic sleep deprivation, the most comfortable position involves with your legs and hips aligned and flexed. Because this position leaves your upper leg unsupported, the top knee and thigh tend to slide forward and rest on the mattress, rotating the hips and lower spine. This rotation may contribute to back, hip or knee pain. To prevent this, place a pillow between your knees to keep your back aligned and straight.

What about on your back?

Sleeping on your back can increase the load on the discs in the low back and so aggravate low back pain. Its also associated with episodes of sleep apnea, therefore interfering with good sleep quality. However, if you prefer to sleep on your back, there is a minor alteration that will ease up the load on the back and help you sleep more soundly. Try placing a soft pillow or rolled up towel under your knees to facilitate the natural curve of the spine.

Never on your back...

If you do sleep on your stomach....DON’T!!!! Sleeping on your stomach puts strain on your lower back and neck . To enable you to breathe, your neck is either in full rotation to one side all night, or in extension (tilted back). People who sleep on their stomach report increased restlessness caused by frequent tossing and turning in an effort to get comfortable.  Even if you have slept on your stomach since a child, it really is possible to stop and change position, even if it takes months (although it often doesn’t).


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