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Frequently Asked Questions regarding your baby's treatment

The FAQs below will answer many of any questions you may have but please do feel free to contact us with any other questions you may have. We'll be happy to advise you without obligation to use our services.

What if my baby needs to be changed or fed during the examination or treatment?

his poses no problem as we are more than happy for you to change your baby within the clinic and can provide space if needed. Treatment can often take place while you feed your baby and we sometimes find this is actually an optimal time to treat your baby! We try and encourage mothers to bring young babies during the morning or early afternoon. This seems to be when a lot of babies are more settled.

Is the treatment gentle – will there be any ‘clicking’ involved?

Treatment of babies is extremely gentle and uses only light touchspinal techniques or cranial techniques. There is no 'clicking' involved. As the child grows up, we may use slightly more direct techniques, such as the activator or gentle manipulation, but this depends on the comfort and willingness of the child and consent of the parent of course.

Will they feeling or any pain or discomfort during or after the treatment?
As the techniques are gentle, there should be no discomfort involved, although there is no evidence to say either way. From observation, most babies seem to relax when being treated.

How qualified is my Chiropractor?

Every person that calls themselves a chiropractor in the UK must be on a Government Register (with the general Chiropractic Council - GCC). In other words, as the Profession has statutory Regulation, each Chiropractor in the UK will have undergone a minimum amount of training and will have a recognized qualification. Usually Chiropractors train for four to five years, with three or four years intensive pre-clinical education, followed by a clinical year. The training usually leads to Bachelors and/or a Masters degree qualification. Once fully qualified, Chiropractors are required to undergo Continual Professional Development by attending courses to keep ahead of the latest techniques and protocols. Without this, they cannot stay on the Government Register. In addition to this training Nina is one of a hand full of chiropractors in the Uk that has completed a Post Graduate Masters Degree in Applied Paediatric Practice.

How long do the treatments take?

Initial consultations will take 45 minutes.  Following that, the next visit, the Report of Findings, will take approximately half an hour. Subsequent treatment will take 15 minutes or longer if the Chiropractor feels it is necessary. If you are not used to Chiropractic treatment, this may seem fairly quick, however this is completely normal for a Chiropractic Treatment and is ample time for the adjustments, and/or soft tissue work, Acupuncture, exercises etc.

How early can I bring my baby in?

The earlier, the better. So whether your baby is a few hours or days old, we can start making your baby comfortable in its new life outside the womb.



I had been suffering with back and shoulder problems for some time which had built up due to sitting at a computer and using a mouse all day. Regular sessions at Hampstead Chiropractic have successfully relieved me of the shoulder pain. I have always felt very comfortable at Hampstead Chiropractic thanks to the friendly staff and relaxed atmosphere.

Helena Redmond

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