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Healthywork - Ergonomic Assessments

Healthywork- Ergonomic Assessments

As the majority of the probenms we treat at the Hampstyead Chiropractic Clinic are due to bad posture, mainly in the workplace, it may be useful for you to have (or your employees) an ergonomic assessment.

The Occupational Therapists at the company Healthywork, provide just that. As well as a broad range of occupational assesments, they offer an in-depth Ergonomic Workstation Assessment (1-2 hours) (or more basic 20-30 minute workstation assessment for groups of employees).

'We are the Health Professionals skilled to assess and rehabilitate the worker and to also assess the work'

Ergonomic Workstation Assessment / Worksite Assessment

Ergonomic Assessments are required if you want to address in detail individual requirements to improve health, comfort and productivity in the workplace, when a medical condition or ongoing symptoms are experienced.

This assessment allows implementation of reasonable adjustments the Equality Act 2010 (Replaced the DDA 1995).

Now that the Med3 'sick note' is a 'fit note' (since April 2010) this type of assessment can assist in the process to get the individual back to work after a period of illness, if a GP considers an individual 'may be fit for work'.

How it Works

    They spend 1-2hrs with the employee in the work location, discussing their situation, medical details and assessing how the work tasks are performed.
    Some practical solutions which can be implemented immediately will be made. eg Assessing the sitting posture and advise regarding adjusting the chair to individual needs, especially back comfort regarding the height and depth of the lumbar support and the movement in the chair mechanism which is required, to see if a tension wheel is available and what levers adjust the angles of movement that the current chair can achieve. Also to check if sitting at the correct height to the work surface, as this is linked to the upper arm length and back length, so ensuring the gas stem of the chair is sufficient for the user. Correctly positioned arm rests can ensure weight is reduced on the back and is also critical in the prevention/treatment of RSI and other upper limb or shoulder and neck problems.
    Other equipment in use and all work tasks will all be assessed in depth and solutions implemented or advised upon.
    The ergonomics eg heights/postures and task methods in which non-desk tasks are performed will also be analysed for suitability and best practice, with alternative methods or other solutions identified.
    Advice regarding the taking of suitable breaks and micro breaks to ensure management of symptoms and future prevention of work related ill health, which is known as Pain Management.
    A handout will be provided to the individual for future reference regarding setting up the workstation equipment and posture also including pacing/pain management or fatigue/symptom management.
    Within 48 hours of the assessment, a written report is sent to the referrer via email with justifications for recommendations.
    The report includes suggesting specific models of chairs or other items with specific quotes, product codes, costing, suppliers info.and contact details for ease of ordering.


    This assessment is suitable for an employee experiencing pain or discomfort, who is currently continuing to work or is on sick leave, who may be seeking medical advice and/or treatments for their condition. The Company may have performed an internal H & S risk assessment but the discomfort and problems have continued. Therefore more specialist advice and help is required.
    This assessment can be conducted prior to an employee returning to work following a period of sick leave, in order to ensure that the work task layout and equipment are the most suitable for them.
    This assessment can also help prevent ill health in employees.


'We were really impressed with the treatment we received at the Hampstead Chiropractic Clinic. The Chiropractor was extremely thorough and very knowledgeable. All areas linked to Matthew's condition were investigated, and we were given excellent advice as to how we might also assist with the ongoing treatment. We would highly recommend Hampstead Chiropractic Clinic's gentle but effective manner and treatment.'

Jaqueline Holroyd

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