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Nutrition Essence - Monique Palmer

Nutrition Essence - Monique Palmer

We are lucky to have been working with Monique for a number of years now and she has seen many of our patients.

Monique has studied extensively in Nutrition, Exercise Science and has a Masters in Health Psychology. Further studies in nutritional therapy and an interest in eastern dietary therapies grounded in Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine has helped enhance her unique approach. Trips to India to learn about food, cooking with herbs and spices under the supervision of ayurvedic doctors has helped her understanding of more natural methods of healing that also require insight into ones personality. This approach has also combined well with her interest in healthier cooking.


Individual consultations (Includes constitutional analysis, and bespoke plan.)
Advice and provision of nutritional supplements
On line services
Telephone consultations, food diary analysis.
Corporate talks on Nutrition
Cooking lessons Including usage of individually recommended healing herbs and spices.


" I suffered symphysis pubis dysfunction SPD at third trimester. I started going to Physiotherapy. I was walking on crutches during my pregnancy and after the birth. My labour and delivery was very difficult and it aggrieved my condition more and after three weeks of physiotherapy that didn't help much, I got recommended by a friend to see Nina at Hampstead Chiropractic Clinic. Within two weeks I was off the crutches and on the road for recovery. Chiropractic gave me massive relief from the pain. I now still go the clinic as I find regular treatments gave really helped my body recover. Thank you Nina for all your help and support."

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