6 Top Tips for Monitor screens

Considering the majority of our patients are stuck at a desk for most of the week, we thought it a great idea to share this article from Alison Biggs, Director and Occupational Therapist at Healthywork!!!

6 Top Tips for Monitor screens

1.Ensure your monitor is positioned central to your sitting position (centre of the screen in your midline) so that you are sitting symmetrically.

2. If you have more than one screen in use (equally in use), at the same time, consider placing both screens close together, so that their near edges touch (is in your midline). Ensure they are both raised correctly, see below. If the screens are linked to different hard drive systems, it is possible to use cables so that one keyboard and mouse can operate two systems, thus easing position as fewer keyboard s and mouse, but this will need to be assessed to suit the circumstances of the usage required.

3. Once sitting at the correct height, consider raising the screen so that the top of the viewable screen is horizontal with the eye line. If you wear glasses, you may not need to raise the screen (depending on the lenses in use, eg bifocal glasses usually require the user to look through the lower part of the glasses, so they may need the screen to be lower than usually recommended).

4. Ensure the screen distance from the face is suitable so that the items on the screen can be viewed comfortably, whilst sitting upright or slightly reclined in the chair. Avoid bending forwards towards the screen to see the items. If this is the case, consider the options with glasses etc, and possibly moving the screen closer meanwhile to ease this posture.

5. Consider if there is any glare/reflection on the screen from lights, windows. This is less of an issue now than it was in the past, as flat screens are generally less affected by these issues.

6. Consider using options such as large fonts, different colours on the pc system to ease vision difficulties, you may require a Visual Assessment, which can be included within an Ergonomic Assessment.

If this has sparked your interest and you would like to find out more (or would like your boss to find out more!), please look at the Healthywork webpage or contact Alison Biggs on: 07958 502363.


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