Nutrition – Conception and Pregnancy and the Sunshine Nutrient (Vitamin D)

The Sunshine Nutrient (in Conception and Pregnancy)

Vitamin D has regularly been in the health, nutrition news, with many studies showing there to be a growing deficiency amongst the UK population.

We hope to introduce some up to date information on why this nutrient is so important, and its special requirement for pre – conception and pregnancy.

Vitamin D’s important roles:  Vitamin D is required for both calcium and phosphorous absorbtion and utilization. It is also necessary for growth, development and the maintenance of bones and teeth in both adults and children. Vitamin D is also unique in that it is normally obtained from 2 sources:

1. the formation in the skin by the sun

2. the eating of foods which contain vitamin D such as oily fish, eggs and dairy products.

With lower levels of sunlight in the UK than in other parts of the world and with many people spending much time indoors, vitamin D levels will often be low.  In addition, if you have dark skin it will take your body twice as long to make Vitamin D than someone with fair skin.

Role of Vitamin D in Pre – conception:  A spring conception naturally allows for a maximum Vit D transfer between mother and baby as stores will be build up over the summer and some studies are showing these babies to be healthier and less at risk of being born pre – mature.

Mothers of Baby’s conceived in autumn and winter could benefit  from taking a Vitamin D supplement.  Professor Paul Hollis recent studies on supplementation with Vitamin D in pregnancy, published in the Bone and Mineral Journal last year showed that  the main role of Vitamin D was as an immune modulator.  Hollis also demonstrated some evidence to show that Vitamin  D plays a role in the first 12 weeks in helping preventing the body from rejecting the foetus. Although this latest research is encouraging, the Vitamin D requirement in pre- conception, pregnancy and lactation is still a controversial area despite growing evidence to say it is safe and effective.  Many prenatal vitamin formulas have now had additional Vitamin D added to them.  If you are in doubt as too how much you need,  then it is advisable to discuss this with your doctor or a qualified nutritionist.



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