Back Pain Guide

Please Read This if You Want to Know How to Look After Your Back!! 

By the Chiropractors At Hampstead Chiropractic Clinic.

1. Keep Moving

Warning – Sitting at a desk all day is bad for your musculoskeletal and nervous system health!! The Proprioceptors (movement receptors) in your postural muscles need to be firing regularly in order to maintain good tone in your back. Sitting or standing in the same position for long periods means there is no firing and postural muscles become weak, causing instability and pain. No amount of lunch break gym sessions will compensate for this. You need to be taking regular movement breaks. The best position is a changing position. If you are in a desk job, invest in the ‘Dynair’ cushions (sold at the clinic) that replicate sitting on a gym ball. These keep your proprioceptors firing through the day to precent flabby, poor toned postural muscles.

2. Keep Tall 

Our Victorian ancestors were onto something when they made children walk around with books on their head and slapped their wrists with a ruler if they weren’t sitting up straight.  The majority of the issues we see in our practice stem from bad posture. When we adopt bad posture, (the most common bad habits being forward head and shoulder carriage and increased curve in the low back), our spine cannot move properly, and it increases the load on certain muscle groups. Living with a certain posture for more than 2 years will start to cause changes that can be seen on X Ray. Good posture is vital!!

3. Assess your Ergonomics      

Give yourself a 5 minute critical assessment of your ergonomics at work and make necessary changes (if you work for a large company, they have a responsibility to have this assessed for you). Your monitor should be at eye level, so you are not having to lean forward or down (at all) to look at a screen. The most common culprits for causing problems are laptops, (that mean you are looking down at a screen = headaches!!!). Get a laptop stand if you are using a laptop for anything more than half an hour. Worryingly, we are also seeing increasingly younger people come in with bad posture , no doubtedly due to using smartphones and ipads/tablets. Look around you on a train and observe what the majority of people are doing – looking down at their phone!!!

4. Sleep well                  

We spend a third of our day sleeping, so investing in an orthopaedic pillow is essential. This is the only way that the neck will be properly supported and if you don’t already sleep with one, you will be amazed at the difference it makes. Of course a good bed is important and is an expensive (but important) investment. But everyone should start with a good pillow (we have two options in the clinic and we give honest advice about other good options depending on price).

5. Eat well                The three aspects that comprise the World Health Organisation (WHO) definition of heath are Physical. Chemical and Emotional. The chemical aspect of spinal health is having good nutrition, which is essential to good musculoskeletal health. In particular, essential fatty acids (EFA’s) (for example in fish oils) are essential for good joint nutrition and decreasing inflammation (as well as for sooo many other things in the body). We should all be taking EFA’s daily. Alway go for the best quality supplements you can afford (better absorption, and with fish oils, no heavy metals).

6. H2

Our discs are 70% water. As our discs degenerate, they lose water (hence why we literally shrink as we get older). Another reason why we need to drink lots of water.

7. Regular spinal maintenance 

Despite all the measures above, modern living means that most of us are not using our bodies as the body was evolved to (walking a lot interspersed with sprinting after animals and climbing!). Therefore, all of us will benefit from having a ‘MOT and service’ to get the spine moving where it isn’t, and to treat any muscular issues. This remedy is prescribed for oncological diseases, including. I want to say that his action is really strong, addictive causes not so much the remedy itself, how much that pain it takes. But not for a long time, unfortunately. You can also buy it in pharmacies, in some only on order. A non-narcotic remedy can also be used for other types of pain, after surgery, and so on. There are side effects described at, but I have not experienced anything on my own.

8. Core blimey, I need to exercise!

Core, core and more core. It may be the buzzword of the last decade but the core is that important. A strong back is a healthy back and having a good core will support your spine and prevent your back being so prone to injury. For effective core work, do it under supervision.

80% of us have back pain at some point in our lives and the simple fact is, it recurs. There is no absolute cure for back pain. It is a question of looking after your back and managing it for life. After all, it houses arguably part of the most important structures in the body, your nervous system.


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