Pregnancy and Babies!

In 2011 I completed my Masters Degree in Chiropractic Paediatrics. Many of the conferences attended focused on gentle chiropractic and cranial approaches to treating children and pregnant patients using cranial and fascial releases. As well as furthering my skills in the treatment of babies and children, I have recently been on the receiving end of chiropractic in pregnancy and babyhood.

In November 2015 I gave birth to our beautiful baby daughter Raya.  Apart from the dreaded morning sickness in the first trimester, I loved being pregnant and was very comfortable.  A large part of which I feel was down to the fact that I had regular chiropractic treatment throughout my pregnancy. I only suffered from slight carpal tunnel and some mild heartburn with some tension in the diaphragm area as the baby got much bigger. Throughout the last 10 weeks I was having weekly, even twice weekly sessions. It was great to be on the receiving end of a treatment and to feel how much relief you actually get as a patient, and to feel how gentle the techniques are.

I was still treating patients till the last couple of weeks of the pregnancy when my maternity replacement stepped in. My daughter however, decided that she wasn’t  ready to come out and at 42 weeks (with the hospital threatening to induce for 2 weeks) I had one more chiropractic treatment. I went into labour the early hours of the following morning. Raya was born in the water 8 hours later and it was everything I hoped it would be. The ease of the delivery I can only attribute to the chiropractic treatments (and of course the wonderful midwife team at UCLH).

My daughter had her first chiropractic spinal check at 1 day old! She didn’t have any colicky symptoms and took well to feeding, we did however have to address a tongue tie which affected her latch with the help of a fantastic local lactation team.

Now she has a check every few months (especially with the odd knocks and falls that come with learning to walk and run). She is a healthy, happy toddler that has never been ill needing medication. From the viewpoint as a mummy now, I feel truly grateful to have had  chiropractic as part of our life during pregnancy and the early years!


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