Baby and Child Chiropractic: First Visit

baby and child chiropracticConsultation and Case History

After filling out yours and the details of your baby or child, and signing the examination consent forms in reception, we start by taking a complete record of the background surrounding the birth and early few days or years of your childs life.

Firstly, we will need to take an in-depth history of your health and your baby’s health during the pregnancy, labour and delivery. We take particular note of the position of the baby, if known, before and during birth.

We record information about your baby or childs feeding, sleeping and developmental patterns as well as more specific information about the nature of the presenting complaint. Other significant previous medical history or significant family history details are then recorded. You can be assured that all information is strictly confidential.

Hampstead Chiropractic Clinic Baby treatmentExamination

With babies, general observation of muscle tone and its limb motions initiates the examination. We check the special reflexes your baby has in the early days of its life, the primitive reflexes. Gentle palpation of your babies muscle tone and spine is then followed by gentle palpation of your babies cranium.

In older children, the examination follows a more similar pattern to an adult chiropractic assessment in the form of assessing your childs individual biomechanics by way of a postural analysis, spinal analysis, orthopaedic and neurological exam.
Naturally, you are with your baby and/or children at all times.

Report of findings

Before treatment commences, the Chiropractor will give a summary of the Chiropractic findings and will give you an opinion as to the suitability of chiropractic treatment for your baby or child. If deemed suitable, we will gain consent before commencing any kind of treatment.

baby being treated in our hampstead clinicTreatment

Our chiropractors are experienced at treating babies and children and regularly attend postgraduate paediatric courses.  Nina van Dyk, is also one of a hand full of chiropractors in the UK who has completed her Post Graduate Masters in Paediatric Practice, thus specialising with babies and children.

Treating babies and infants involves very gentle cranial and spinal paediatric techniques. (We use no more pressure than you can comfortably place over your closed eyelid as an adult). Treatment may or may not be started on the first visit, depending on the individual case and of course parental consent.

Hampstead Chiropractic Children treatment

We do our best to allow your baby to feel relaxed and at ease during the treatment. We use a special baby pillow that supports and moulds around your baby during treatment. We also have a kids’ area where your children can play whilst you or your baby has treatment, to allow appointments to run smoothly and efficiently.

Time is taken to explain chiropractic treatment to kids in a friendly and fun way and we have many toys for them to ensure they have a good experience at our clinic.

We even have a chiropractic ‘George the Pig’ which they can ‘adjust/crack’ while having treatment. The kids love this and are very at ease throughout the session!




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