Pregnancy Chiropractic: Frequently Asked Questions

How gentle is the treatment?

chiropractic treatment for mums to beThe particular techniques used to treat pregnant women are mostly gentle. Any work on the musculature of the hips and low back can be tender but this will always be adjusted to your comfort levels and tolerance. Particular attention is paid to reduce any rotation of the pelvis and lower back during treatment.

Can I have treatment all the way through my Pregnancy?

Yes! Treatment is safe throughout the whole pregnancy. Extra care is taken throughout the pregnancy especially during the first trimester and the last, when your baby and the resulting ‘bump’ are growing fast. Many women find they gain relief from more regular chiropractic sessions towards the end of pregnancy, when the biomechanical factors of carrying a larger and heavier baby are having more effect on their body!

How will I be able to lay down on the treatment bench if I have a ‘bump’?

Hampstead Chiropractic Clinic Pregnancy TreatmentWe have a special pregnancy pillow that accommodates ‘the bump’ allowing you to lie face down on the chiropractic bench and therefore still have a complete treatment. Our pregnant patients usually love being treated on the pillow as it is the only chance to lie face down in the later stages without pressure on the tummy or breasts!


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